Bita Rezaei

Bita Rezaei is a Cambridge approved tutor and has been working in the world of ELT for almost 15 years. She has had experience in teaching English to all age groups in variety of contexts but her main areas of interest are teacher training and development, management and leadership.

In addition to her academic background in Business Administration (MBA), she has an MA in TESOL and Applied Linguistics from University of Leicester and is currently pursuing her PhD in Educational Leadership. She represents IATEFL in Iran through IELTA is also an ambassador for the ‘Disabled Access Friendly’ campaign.

 She's always been engaged in the continuing professional development and has helped teachers develop in all corners of the world. She regularly gives talks at international and national conferences and enjoys being an active member of the international ELT community.

She is currently in charge of several online courses including the very successful ELT Management course at CELT Athens, Greece which she has enriched with her background in Business Studies and her experience of running a very successful chain of Hermes Language Centers in Iran.

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