Teacher Training and Development

The Teacher Training and Development SIG focuses on the aspects of pre and in-service Teacher education, as well as professional development through talks and workshops at different ELT events. It also provides a forum in which anyone interested in developmental issues can share their own experience and learn from the experiences of others. Through an active network the group encourages individuals and groups of teachers to undertake activities that focus on personal and professional development. Members receive information about the latest developments in teacher training and education and plenty of opportunities to network within the profession are provided.

SIG Aims

  • To emphasize the concept of professionalism in relation to English language Teacher Training
  • To promote Teacher Training and Development (TE) activities among educational institutions in Iran
  • To create a community of professionals involved in TE
  • To carry out TE activities such as min-conferences, workshops, seminars on a variety of topics
  • To carry out a needs analysis amongst IELTA members in terms of TE
  • To establish a culture of TE amongst educational institutions in Iran

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